First In Bristol To Use Omni-Cam Imaging To Create Same Day Crowns
Monday, November 18, 2013 at 09:38AM
Janet Rice

BRISTOL, TN – Dr. Janet Hatcher Rice, Rice Dental Arts, is the first dentist in Bristol to install the Sirona, Omni-Cam imaging technology system, which allows the Bristol dentist to fit crowns with more accuracy in a single office visit.

Using an image taken by Omni-Cam’s, high-resolution video streaming camera, Dr. Hatcher Rice gets a precise optical impression, and then is able to design a crown that will fit in perfectly with the patient’s smile. An on-site milling machine is then used to physically create the metal free crown.

According Rice, before the new 3D Omni-Cam technology, receiving a dental crown at her practice required various mouth impressions and involved a dental lab to fabricate--- a process that usually took two to three weeks for completion. During those two to three weeks, patients had to wear a temporary crown and return for a second appointment.

With 3D Omni-Cam restorations, Dr. Rice is in complete control of the final product. With the ability to make same day, creative ceramic teeth, based on the look of the patient’s surrounding natural teeth, the system’s computer generates a proposal that Dr. Hatcher Rice uses as a basis for each patient’s individual restoration design.

According to Dr. Hatcher Rice, staying ahead of the technology curve is vital to her dental practice.

“We have always been at the forefront of dental technology, especially when it truly benefits the patient’s overall dental experience. We were the first in the region to incorporate lasers into our practice and now the ability to do same day crowns will improve the quality, comfort and delivery of this service, too. We always say your smile is our top priority, and that holds true now more than ever with our new system,” Rice said.

According to Sirona, the company that manufactures the technology, the Omni-Cam system not only saves the patient time and money, but the patient is also able to see the quality of the work being produced. With the computer rendering, the patient is able to see a preview of what the final product will look like when the design is complete. The patient is able to voice any concerns and work with Dr. Rice to create a solution that exceeds the patient’s expectations, all within one dental visit.

Dr. Hatcher Rice graduated from the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University in 1985. Her practice, Rice Dental Arts, is located in historic downtown Bristol, TN. Her innovative approach to dental care, delivered around the concept of Spa Dentistry, incorporates advancements in dental technology and techniques into a spa atmosphere centered on the individual.
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